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Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager 

Position Purpose 

To Recruits, leads and develops people to execute outstanding QSC &V, build sales and control costs to deliver optimum business results for a single Mishwar restaurant. Key customers include Crew, Assistant Restaurant Manager team, and customers. 

• Demonstrates and reinforces the leadership behaviors and basic people minimums (uniforms, crew schedules, sessions, etc.) that are necessary to gain commitment from crew and leadership.
• Executes a plan, based on an employee commitment measurement such in "Surveys", to increase employee's loyalty, satisfaction and pride with Mishwar experience.
• Knows, enforces, and educates crew and managers on all appropriate personnel policies, labor laws, and security & safety procedures.
• Recruits, selects and retains an optimum number of crew, chives, and management who are enthusiastically dedicated to customer satisfaction.
• Leads the development and training of all restaurant employees. Oversees and reviews performance appraisals based on defined goals and objectives for all restaurant employees in a timely manner.
Plans and conducts leadership team meetings

Qualification & Requirements
1. University Degree.
2. 3 – 5 years experience as restaurant manager.
3. Age below 30 years.
4. English langue " Reading, writing, speaking"
5. Ability t manage the managerial work,
6. ability to prepare he P&L report per month.