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Purchasing Manager


 Purchasing Manager 

Position Purpose 
To provide primary supervision of purchasing and distribution activities to assure Company restaurants are supplied of food, paper, and operating supplies at all levels of quality consistent with company’s standard and at price that will ensure profitable operations. Oversees both locally purchased & imported products. 

• Provides primary support in assuring quality products in accordance to company’s standard by supervising food, paper distribution centers & products import export program.
• Assists in selecting local sources of supply and assuring availability of all products to all restaurants in keeping general items inventory.
• Proficiency in negotiation skills and contract deals with suppliers to insure availability, quality and prices of supplied products in time.
• Provides input, regarding recommendations of changes and improvements of purchasing & quality assurance policies and approval of local sources & supplies.
• Assists in negotiating prices of all purchased items such as food, paper, and other related items…etc.
• Work closely with suppliers in administrating, inspecting, controlling & improving purchasing programs.
• Participates in periodic unannounced inspection visits to suppliers to assure quality & adherence to specifications.
• Assists in conducting regularly scheduled financial, service and general business review with suppliers.
• Assists in handling purchasing responsibilities as assigned, such as uniform…etc.
• Keep informed about legislation affecting availability or use of products (such as import/export restriction, tariffs or packaging regulations) & their impact on restaurants menu, quality & gross margin.
• Shows expertise & control of Min / Max stock & bar level.
• Select inventory methods such as (FIFO, LIFO…etc).
• Performs other related tasks as assigned.

Qualification & Requirements

1. University Degree.
2. 3 – 5 years experience as purchasing manager in restaurants and hotels .
3. Age below 35 years.
4. English langue " Reading, writing, speaking"
5. Ability t manage the managerial work,