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Our Departments

Catering department:

One of the specialist castles in mishwar which is specialized in the art of party service art. That we have elite of the best specialists in food and beverages field and supported with elite of experts in the management and specialized in art of service and catering. And that to present high quality service and high level of hospitality to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

   Training department:

 It was difficult to be pioneer on the restaurants but to maintain this degree is more difficult. So that training department is based on concepts and principles aimed to upgrade the efficiency of employees on their different specialties by continues training method and cooperation with human resources department and by dealing with all departments to supply the operation department with the trained and skillful labor which help it to manage the operation in the restaurants easily. Then qualify employees to enlarge the point of sales and quality of the product and service speed to be combatable with the market needs and to ensure that we will lead in the competition to increase our share of the market and keeping mishwar the pioneer.

  Home delivery department:

 One of the most our important targets is to surprise our customers with the different and wonderful service. And work to present the excellent service because it is the real producer of the delivery department. Delivery department is supported with huge navy and equipped with the most modern equipments which are ensure achieving the company target to organize and develop delivery system for our customers by the best methods and achieving the measures of maintains of the service and products.

Engineering and designs department:

 Avail the equation between the technical support to maintain the assets of the company which is represent in buildings and equipments. And apply it with the measures and the engineering and operational values. Thus design and plan the building in unique and modern style.

 Information technology department:

 Include elite of the best programmers and specialists of the computer field Which support our chain with the most modern information systems and technologies to present the superior service and highest performance.

Financial department:

 have elite of professional analysis experts and specialists in the accounting and financial field and support the head management with the analysis and financial indications which ensures mishwar in development of its financial situation.


Human resources department:

 Focus on supply all the parts of the company with the official services and support. One of the main targets of human resources department is to help mishwar to grow and develop through leading the efforts which aimed to be mishwar in the premium place in the market and maintain the view of mishwar to still clear .

 Purchasing department:

 Include elite of the restaurant experts to increase the role of the purchasing department to select the best suppliers hence to obtain the best raw materials which give us the ability to achieve our target to have our customers satisfaction towards products quality.


Marketing department:

 It is the thinking brain and the main engine of the company train. That it is the evidence and the first wave to achieve the company and customers targets in the same time. Also it by cooperation with other departments in the company represent the integration to put unified work strategies to achieve maximum beneficiates of the available resources of work to make the best marketing mix which will be suitable with the recent and the targeted market in the light of market , competition and consumer. 

 Developing department:

 Includes elite of the restaurant experts and food production. And takes the responsibility of developing the methods and equipments of food production and the building of mishwar. To be mishwar  the pioneer of the restaurants which  are developing its methods of food production.